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Dynamic packaging: more choice for our customers

Sunweb Group introduced Dynamic Packaging (DP) at the end of September for the brand Sunweb in the Netherlands and Belgium. With the new DP booking system, our customers have more flexibility and options and thus a wider choice of flights, duration of the holiday, rental options and activities. We immediately saw a huge demand for external flights departing in October after going live.

Ready for the future

Customers are looking for flexibility and customization more and more when booking their holidays. With DP , Sunweb Group makes an endless number of combinations possible for the customer and in the future will also be able to put together much more creative packages in new segments simply tailored to their needs. DP also fits seamlessly with the dynamic strategy of Sunweb Group in which customer needs and preferences are central. For example, our customers now determine themselves from which airport they want to depart and how long they want to stay on vacation. In time, we also want to offer excursions and extra hotel services via DP. This will create a tailor-made package holiday that is completely in line with our customer's wishes.
In the coming year the other Sunweb Group brands, such as Eliza was here, GOGO, Primavera and Sunweb Ski, will also switch to DP.