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Book your holiday with TUI

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Book your holiday with TUI

Plan your holiday for summer 2021

Or plan your well-deserved summer holiday with D-reizen, Zoover, Corendon, Eliza was here or one of the many other holiday specialists. 

Holidays are important to everyone. Not only for you, but also for the thousands of hard workers. These are the people in the destinations who ensure you have an unforgettable holiday and who help you create the best memories. 

- For Luisa, behind the reception of the Mitsis Hotel in Kos, who welcomes you with a huge smile, always making it feel like you are coming home.  

- For Diana, the flight attendant at Transavia who is happy to serve you an extra drink. 

- For Costas, the waiter at Lopesan's who always makes the same joke but the whole table smiles. 

- For Annie, at The Three Corners, who uses her tips to go above and beyond and makes your holiday unforgettable. 

- For Amon, who ensures the beach of Crete is sparkling clean every day so you can dream away on your sun lounger.  

This summer, make sure you take a flight from your daily routine and spend some time with your loved ones. Because holidays are important to everyone. So, plan your holiday in advance for summer 2021. And wherever you book it doesn't matter for now. 


P.S.: We were inspired by Burger King's call to order from other fast-food chains. So, if you're going on holiday, pop into Burger King or one of the other chains and treat yourself. 

P.P.S.: Plan your summer holiday for 2021 with confidence, because at Sunweb we guarantee you will get your money back if you receive negative travel advice.