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Department in the spotlight: Customer Care

Sunweb's Customer Care department aims to ensure customer satisfaction throughout the customer journey. We are based at 3 international locations, Rotterdam, Paris and Copenhagen, supporting our customers for 5 brands in 6 languages. On average, we are a team of about 110 enthusiastic employees, but of course there are strong seasonal influences.

Customer Guidance & Customer Aftercare

Within Customer Care, there are 2 departments: Customer Guidance and Customer Aftercare. 

In the Customer Guidance department, we take care of customers who have questions and need information before their departure such as special requests and handling, about which we have frequent contact with our partners. 

The Customer Aftercare department supports our guides at destination, takes care of overbookings, complaints and lost & found. This department is also in close contact with our partners. 

In addition, Customer Care provides central services such as Work Force Management, Learning & Development and Operational Excellence. Customer Care is part of the Operations department within Sunweb Group.


Leading Digital Holiday Expert

To realise our ambition of becoming the Leading Digital Holiday Expert, the focus for the Customer Care department is on customer centricity and digitisation. Employee engagement is a very important pillar to be successful. In 2022, we will focus on an improved set of Customer Care tools, a brand-specific service approach and our digital roadmap (self-service and app). 

On behalf of the Customer Care team; thank you for working together to serve our customers!