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Reinoud's blog: Expect the unexpected

We thought we'd finally left the pandemic in our rear-view mirror, and we'd be able to offer many of our customers a wonderful holiday this summer. And we do see increased traffic on our websites every day, leading to great conversion. But we've all seen the news: staff shortages at airports, strikes affecting the sector, and increasing costs across the board. We are expecting a turbulent summer for our operations. 
We inform our holidaymakers what these restrictions and disruptions mean for them as early as we can, and we proactively offer alternatives where required. Our Operations and Traffic departments are on the ball! And of course, we'll keep you informed about what's happening too.

More time for our partners

The reshuffle within our SUN business unit has meant I am now able to devote even more time to build a stronger partner organisation. We have a team ready to support you with everything you need. This also allows us to quickly respond to new developments in cooperation, connectivity, data insights, etc. I am excited to be working with you and our team on this.

Partner questionnaire

Soon, we'll seek out your opinion about the collaboration between you, our partners, and Sunweb Group, and how we can further improve this. We do this a few times a year, and we share the results with you. Your opinions are vital to us, and will be an important KPI within our organisation. Please help our partnership by filling in this short questionnaire!

Have a great start to the summer season,