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Sunweb Group able to fulfil all bookings

A few weeks ago, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol announced that airlines had to amend their flight schedules in order to reduce pressure on the airport due to staff shortages. Our partner airlines shared what this means for our Dutch customers this past week. 

We've done our utmost to provide clarity to our customers as soon as we could, and we're happy to announce that all holidays (for all of our brands) departing between 7 July and 14 August can go ahead as planned. To just 1% of our customers, we will offer an alternative – they will leave a day earlier or later or depart from a different airport. Additionally, the current offering on the websites of all Sunweb Group's brands has been updated, giving customers total peace of mind when booking a holiday.

Alternative travel options

Mid-July, we will learn more about the available number of Transavia flights to and from Schiphol between mid to late August. This announcement may lead to flight cancellations. If holiday makers want to avoid Schiphol altogether for this reason, we offer plenty of alternative travel options via other airports in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. This applies to both existing bookings and new holidays.