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In the spotlight: Intelligence Team

The partner survey showed that many partners are interested in getting to know our employees, who work in our offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, France and Spain and at our destinations. 

This week we would like to kick off with our Intelligence Team, who are working hard to achieve our ambition of becoming the leading digital holiday expert.

The Intelligence team currently consists of the data & business intelligence team and the data science team. Together, these teams are responsible for managing and reporting on the data we collect from our valued customers and partners and creating technology to optimize our services at scale. We have developed our Revenue Management toolset to ensure we get the right coverage (occupancy) on flights and accommodations by adjusting millions of prices on a daily basis.

We have also recently worked on developing tools to make our partners more successful. For example, in the capacity insights dashboards we show data about the flight capacity we have left in the future, as this provides insight into the potential customer flow and therefore the occupancy rate at our partners.

In addition, we are also continuously working to better serve our customers through more personalized messages. This will increase the relevance of our offer to our customers and ultimately their conversion rate. 

Written by: Anita Vonk – the dangerous lady on the right.