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Sunweb Last-minute campaign

In early June, we started last-minute campaigns in all our sales markets. We have seen that people are booking their summer holidays later than before the pandemic, and closer to their departure date, likely due to uncertainty about the immediate future. We used this information to target holidaymakers with our content.

We took a deep dive into our target groups, and have expanded our social media presence with Snapchat and Pinterest , while remaining active on YouTube , Facebook and Instagram . We also created a test roadmap so we can monitor, learn and improve how we run this and future campaigns.

Since the campaign started, we've seen that:
- 52% of viewers watch the full YouTube video, but conversion traffic is quite low. 
- Traffic to a destination page within our own website leads to better conversion to bookings than traffic to our Search & Book landing page.
We will use these and other findings to better our last-minute campaigns and we're sure you will see the results of our efforts this summer.