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Deep Dive partner session: Palladium Hotel Group & Sunweb Group

In November 2021, when most COVID restrictions were lifted, we were able to get together at the third Convention with our valued partner Palladium Hotel Group (PHG). 

A couple of years ago, we started these meetings in order to optimise our collaboration and to work on a prosperous future together. The meetings have proven to be a big success. The first one was held on Ibiza (Spain), the second one in Davos (Switzerland), and this time we got together on Tenerife (Spain). True to the purpose and timing of the Convention, we gathered a great group of people to get the most out of these days!

We spent days filled with meetings to evaluate the past booking period/season, present our plans for coming seasons, share company updates, and brainstorm together to create new ideas. We enjoyed delicious local meals and did some sightseeing. For example, we went on a sailing trip near Ibiza, explored a Swiss mountain village, and enjoyed a tasting in a Davos brewery. 

Spending time together outside the meeting room helps us to understand each other even better, sharing laughs and good conversations improves our communication. This results in a creativity boost which helps us in increase sales on both ends, turn guests into fans, and create memories together. We are looking to finalise our plans on a joint marketing campaign very soon. We can't wait for the amazing results!

We want to thank PHG for their trust in us, for their willingness to work together on a great future, and of course we aim to continue our valued partnership for years to come. Having great partnerships is one of the pillars of Sunweb Group's strategy and we aim to improve every single one of them.