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Partner connectivity

Our partners are crucial for delivering the wonderful holidays that we want for our customers. We want to intensify our partnerships and co-create new services, find new sources of shared profit, and optimise integrated processes. 

Partner connectivity is important to Sunweb Group's ambitions. We want to modify our offering to the wishes of our customers, so we can offer them more and different products, as well as more flexibility – in travel times and routes, for instance. 

To achieve this, we want to work with several agents and/or channel managers to optimise capacity and revenue for our partners and Sunweb Group alike. Dynamic sourcing and automated connectivity, combined with Dynamic Packaging, will help us reach this optimisation, still supported by traditional static contracting where relevant. 

A dedicated IT team is working on a new platform, which will help Sunweb Group to connect more agents and/or channel managers in an efficient and fast(er) way. 

We'll keep you updated; please let me know if you have any questions.

Leonie Teunissen 

Connectivity manager