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Sunweb Group Partner Platform

From its inception, Sunweb Group has been building and fostering strong relationships with our partners. After all, we are nothing without you! You are crucial in delivering the wonderful holidays we want for our customers. That is why we have the strategic track 'Partners' in Sunweb Group's dynamic strategy.

Our mission is to build stronger partnerships and that's why we want to treat our partners as customers. We want to co-create with you and open up our creative and strategic assets to reach customers all across Europe with a unique message and experience.

Devising a vision is one thing, translating this vision into a tangible and effective solution is another. We have been listening to your needs and desires over the past few months. This has resulted in our brand-new Sunweb Group Partner Platform.

We are proud to present to you www.sunwebgroupmedia.com, a place where we want to inspire, inform and innovate together with you. You can read the latest info, backgrounds on our campaigns, inspiring joint advertising cases, and interviews with people from within the travel sector. You can also download market info and calculate your own advertising campaigns via our channels. And finally, you can find inspiration in our blogs.

We are keen to hear your feedback. Take a look and let us know what you think!

Yf Brodala