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'Sunweb Air' is hitting the skies again

For the 2022 summer season, a Transavia airplane has once again been transformed into a Sunweb plane. Mid-April, the celebration took place in the Transavia hangar and the plane's new name was unveiled. The plane will be solely used for Sunweb flights this summer and was named 'Henk Vos'. Henk Vos is the man who worked intensively with Sunweb Group for many years, in order to realise the network of destinations that this plane flies. Henk just retired but worked for Transavia for over 45 years. This naming is a crown to his wonderful career and Transavia's partnership with Sunweb Group.

Sustainability takes centre stage

Besides developing alternatives aimed at convincing our customers to book more sustainable holidays, we are working with our partners on initiatives that contribute to a more sustainable future. A great example of our continued collaboration with Transavia is our creation of a shared sustainability budget. This year, the budget will be used to increase the percentage of Sustainable Aviation Fuel on Sunweb flights. An exciting new step in our long-standing partnership!

Watch the after movie here of this event here