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Campaign update: 'This is how we GOGO'

GOGO recently launched a new summer campaign. And because GOGO is aimed at the 16-24-year-old market, GOGO's campaigns are just a bit different! For the new campaign, centred around 'maximising your holiday', the vibe is summery and absurdist. The video campaign features the central message 'This is how we GOGO’ and always contains an opening line, dance move or activity combined with images from GOGO's 7 destinations. 

We have chosen to only distribute these videos via social channels like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, spaces where young people congregate. We inspire with fun and attractive video content that matches their feelings and interests. What's unique about this summer campaign is that everything is produced based upon dynamic content, which means we adapt and optimise our videos based on viewing behaviours. 

Recently, we launched our Early Bird sales campaign, giving a €50 discount p.p. The combination of both campaigns, and many young people's desire to have a proper holiday and to let loose, has resulted in solid early sales results for GOGO. The number of bookings is steadily rising. 
In the coming months, we are also launching additional campaigns with well-known TikTok influencers. For Q2, we have planned a brand awareness campaign, and later in the season, you can expect continued sales campaigns in the same vein. 

In short, a wide-ranging campaign with specific content aimed at young people, which inspires them to quickly book a holiday so they can look forward to their most highly anticipated summer ever...