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Reinoud's blog: new campaign & exciting offers ahead

The continued pandemic brings challenges to us all. At Sunweb, we believe in working with our partners to weather this storm and ensure we continue to provide a great holiday experience where we can. As infections are currently increasing in many of our sales regions, I hope you and your loved ones are well and in good health. 

In any other year, right now, we would have made a good analysis of the last summer season, we'd be looking at solid bookings for the winter period, and we would be exploring where we can expand. And not unimportantly, we'd be putting the final touches on the coming summer's contracts, planning our January media campaigns, and booking spots at trade fairs. 

Of course, this year is a little different. COVID-19 causes great uncertainty in the market and customer behavior is harder to predict. What we do see from our research, is that customers are looking for flexibility in (re)booking and to be supported while they travel. This makes it even more important that we work closely together to provide an optimum experience. And we have great faith in our joint ability to do so.

Although winter bookings are lagging behind expectations at the moment, the aim is still to host as many holidays as possible at one of your beautiful accommodations. Looking ahead to the summer of 2022, we have ambitious plans. Customers will surely want to go on holiday after the uncertain winter. Together with you, we will come up with offers they'll find hard to refuse!

Meanwhile, at Sunweb Group, there are many developments to ensure we become even more customer-oriented in service, communication and flexibility. You, our partners, are an important part of our dynamic strategy. We strive to become the Leading Digital Holiday Expert. And as you know, we cannot reach this goal without you. So, we are making a commitment to deliver more and distinctive added value to you. We will surprise and excite you by committing to bold partner promises, and we will grow our businesses together by offering best-in-class digital solutions and unique product offerings.

In the coming weeks and months, you will see us prominently featured in various (online) media. We have developed a new campaign in which #creatingmemories plays an important role. More to follow soon!

For this holiday season, I wish you good health and a Happy New Year. Here's to you, our valued partner, and the very best to your loved ones. 

Lastly, a toast to 2022: let's make sure we offer a record number of customers a well-deserved holiday!

Kind regards,