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New employer & corporate brands Sunweb Group

On 26 January 2022, Sunweb Group is launching both a new employer and a new corporate brand. This is also the start of our first employer branding campaign focused on filling several digital and IT vacancies. The campaign is called 'You Tell Us'.


Flip Flop state of mind 

With our employer branding, Sunweb Group aims to both retain existing colleagues and acquire new talent for our organisation. Being noticeable means daring to be different! Our new employer brand clearly demonstrates that we like to do things a little differently. We're calling this the 'Flip Flop state of mind'.


Yes, at Sunweb Group we like to do things a bit differently.
Because if holidays make life better by breaking habits, why don't we do the same at work?
We like to call this the Flip Flop state of mind.
We break routines and explore new horizons.
We pause and see things differently.
We flip the norm to something unexpected. 
Always with a passion to make a big difference with small changes.
Ready to join? 
Sunweb Group. A Flip Flop Company. 


Corporate brand: take a pause

Sunweb Group aims to become the leading digital holiday expert by developing digital brands that stand out and lead the way for our partners, optimising human interaction and growing our hospitality expertise. To reach this goal, we aren’t afraid to do things differently, breaking market norms and standards. That is why we also gave our corporate brand a facelift.

We believe that everyone deserves a great holiday. We know how important it is to take the time to recharge, unwind, and put everyday life on pause. This moment of pause is clearly shown in our corporate logo – just like in our employer brand – of course in our recognisable Sunweb red!